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  • Father’s day

    Father’s day

    We had a very special father’s day this year, look at the nice decorations we did.   Malu van Berkum
  • Rainbow Party

    Rainbow Party

    Erik van Berkum Celebrate-it mentioned.  During the months May and June, Celebrate-it developed the concept for the Rainbow Party. The Rainbow party is an excellent party theme to Celebrate your daughters birthday. Celebrate-it can organize for you, the complete birthday...
  • Presentation Celebrate-it

    Presentation Celebrate-it

      Have a look at our new presentation, gives you some ideas to decorate your party. Celebrate-it decoration that gets noticed View more presentations from Erik van Berkum. Other ideas let me know.  
  • Official Celebrate-it Business Launch in St. Catharines

    Official Celebrate-it Business Launch in St. Catharines

    Dreams come true   Saturday 2nd of June Celebrate-it the new event decoration company for the Niagara Region will launch her business with a very cool Fashion Show. The event will take place at the Welland Canal Museum in St...

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